Mental training 

According to the latest brain research, we humans only use a small part of our mental potential. What we could really be usually remains hidden within us. Yet we have the opportunity to develop and evolve every day. The brain offers almost unlimited potential and remains plastic throughout our lives.

The brain is never the limiting factor!

But how can we develop to our full potential? How can we discover and develop our inherent potential? How can we become who we are truly meant to be?

Mental training offers answers and a range of possibilities:

  • Development and implementation of visions
  • Objective
  • Constructive orientation of thinking
  • Regular training
  • Daily reflections

Neurotunes music and guided mental exercises support you in developing and living your full potential.

Awaken your inner strength. Everything is within you!

music & meditation Mentaltraininig

Mental training works

  • Promoting the ability to concentrate
  • Structured and creative thinking
  • Reflection and conscious control of your own behavior
  • Development of action strategies taking into account your own resources
  • Calm concentration even when under time or problem pressure
  • Targeted use of your own skills and strengths

The training to become a mental coach at the neurotunes AKADEMIE supports you in developing your personal mental strength!

Mental training for listening

Mental training uses special exercises to support personal growth and development. The challenges of everyday professional and private life can be overcome with Mental strength can be better mastered. In today's fast-paced world, this is a clear advantage for more joy, happiness, health and success! 
neurotunes has two optimal CDs/MP3s for support in its program:
  • Autogenic training with neuromusic and effective affirmations to optimize your own thought patterns
  • Mental exercises To tune in to challenging situations and for inner reprogramming

It's your performance. Prepare yourself in the best possible way!

Mentaltraining possible