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A relaxed basic state is conducive to the regenerative capacity of body and mind. The health focus of neurotunes is on Activation of inner self-healing powers, der Stoffwechselharmonisierung and in the Pain therapy.

Neurotunes supports movement and sports units through targeted Sports mental training, at the Endurance training and with a guided yoga session – Hari Om

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Mentale Gesundheit

Sufficient exercise, a balanced, wholesome plant-based diet, sufficient relaxation, proper breathing and good social integration are the basis for good health.
However, there is another important point here that often makes all the difference: The inner mental attitude. This is ultimately decisive in determining whether the basis holds.

neurotunes offers guided meditations that constructively change and strengthen the inner mental attitude. This is an essential contribution to better health.

Mental health and strength are particularly important in sport - whether amateur or professional. Regular training sometimes demands a lot from us. It is not always easy to find full motivation. Similarly, regular relaxation after sport is not always possible. However, this is extremely important for muscle growth and regeneration. Last but not least, exercise should always be enjoyable. That's what the human body is built for.

neurotunes supports mental health on all levels.

neurotune meditations that are particularly helpful for this:

  • Activation of inner self-healing powers
  • Mental support in pain therapy
  • Mental metabolic harmonization

Mental training in sport

Mental techniques have been used in sport for many decades to optimize movement sequences and increase athletes' performance and endurance. Professional mental coaches behind athletes often decide between victory and defeat. Sports mental training uses a combination of relaxation techniques, autosuggestions and perception exercises, in particular visualization.

The main aim of sports mental training is to prepare the mind for the competition situation. Disturbing thoughts are prevented and neutralized and constructive thinking is encouraged. With a little practice, performance-enhancing thoughts can be called to mind within seconds at the touch of a button. All these skills are essential for more enjoyment and success, not only in sport - whether amateur or professional - but also in everyday life. 

neurotunes has developed exercise programs for this purpose:

  • Mental preparation for competitions
  • High Performance Affirmations
  • Mental attunement immediately before the start
  • Intensive regeneration


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Running training with neuromusic

next level cool running 160 

The positive effect of music on our emotions and performance is enhanced by neuro-sound effects. Higher motivation, better concentration and higher running performance are the logical result.

The music frequency of 160 beats per minute corresponds to an optimum step frequency in the endurance range.


  • Special music for an emotional high
  • Hemispheric synchronization of 25 Hz for high and relaxed concentration
  • Targeted control of performance through the structure of the music


  • Mental strength and focus
  • higher endurance
  • Improved performance
  • Motivation and emotional elation lead to a flow
  • - Faster regeneration

Breathing and muscle tone, nervous system and heart rate are positively influenced.

Get involved. Running clears your head and strengthens your body and mind.

neurotune's running music guarantees a flow experience.

Hatha yoga unit

Rishikesh series according to Sivananda, Level Medium Standard

Yoga strengthens the body, mind and soul and helps to achieve a higher level of consciousness.

neurotunes offers a wonderful opportunity to practice guided yoga independently, whenever and wherever.
Sivananda Yoga is concentrative yoga. Through a specific combination and sequence of exercises, the entire musculature of the body is stretched and strengthened, and the organs as well as the glandular and hormonal systems are harmonized. Physical health, flexibility, energy as well as a clear mind and pure consciousness are promoted.

This neurotunes production includes:

  • Pranayama breathing exercises: Abdominal breathing, full yoga breathing, alternate breathing, push breathing (with MP3 version)
  • Sun salutation
  • Asanas: Yoga postures or poses
  • Final relaxation: Guided relaxation exercise for regeneration

Duration: CD approx. 75 minutes, MP3 approx. 85 minutes

Overview charts with illustrations of the individual positions of the sun salutation and all asanas are included or can be downloaded.
neurotunes accompanies you on your path of yoga.
Om Namah Sivayah
Woman Doing Yoga Isolated On White Background