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I have been a musician since childhood and have enjoyed meditating a lot. Two different focuses of my life, which gradually merged in the production of neurotunes music and meditations. But let's start from the beginning. Because of my love for music and meditation, I was always looking for good inspiring meditations and harmonizing music. In 2007, during a retreat in India, I had the vision to produce CDs with my own meditations and music. Immediately afterwards I was able to get a friend interested in this project and we began several attempts at recording and composing our own music. We began to understand more and more how good relaxation music works. I myself took lessons in speech and voice training. Two years later we produced our first CD, and many more were to follow. Since then I have worked with several musicians and producers, in particular Oliver Kerschner and Alexander Bestereimer. Since then, we have released several new productions every year on very different topics.

Karl Edy

The background or motivation behind it was always that we could help other people on their way, so that they feel safe or comforted, can relax better, sleep better, concentrate better, as support in sport or as accompaniment in their own spiritual development...

We have always focused on the highest quality and tried to harmoniously combine the necessary components:

  • Music that is relaxing but appealing,
  • use as many natural instruments as possible
  • Integration of neuro sound effects
  • Texts that are useful and helpful depending on the application
  • the voice should sound pleasant so that people like to follow it
  • First-class studio production, therefore contemporary sound

After more than 30 CD productions to date, we have been able to acquire special know-how in this area. We are now happy to make our studio, our music and the neurotunes platform available to other people for their CD productions.

We have already covered many topics with the previous CDs, e.g. relaxation, yoga, self-healing powers, light meditation, chakra balancing, pain therapy, concentration music, emotional balance, better sleep, digestion, hormone system etc.
But many topics are still on our to-do list, e.g. something for children, for young people, for expectant mothers, for dying people...
We hope to make life easier or more beautiful for many people.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the many and often very touching responses. This has been a great affirmation of what we are doing and has given us courage for new projects. Thank you very much!
Karl Edy

Our vision


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