Many people suffer from stress, both mentally and physically. Yet stress is a mechanism in our bodies that has been vital to our survival as a species. In emergency situations, it enables us to react quickly and correctly. Fortunately, however, our lives are rarely really threatened in our modern everyday lives.

Stress affects a number of bodily functions - such as hormone production, heart and respiratory rate, muscle tone and mental performance.

Permanent stress causes lasting damage to the entire organism.

Stress is the number one cause of illness.

Relaxation is an important key to well-being, health and success.

Take your time, let go and relax...



Burnout is a complete breakdown of the mind-body system. It is usually caused by a loss of meaning and not, as is often thought, by too much pressure and work. Holding on too long to a situation that is no longer coherent and therefore demands far too much of us leads to a loss of energy on all levels.

Burnout is also known as a soul attack. At the latest when our body takes its toll, it is time to think about the meaning of our own lives. It would be better to do this earlier. Courage is at the beginning, happiness at the end. Crises are the way. If our life plan and soul plan are not in harmony, our body will show us sooner or later.

A burnout is a crisis of change - a phase characterized by instability and uncertainty and at the same time by many new possibilities. People are thrown back on themselves. Questions arise: What am I here for? What is the meaning of my life? Which path do I want to take? What fills my heart? Which people inspire me? Where do I recharge my batteries? Who am I when all my roles fall away?

On the one hand, answers can be found on the outside if we are open and mindful and accept help.
On the other hand, this knowledge is already within us. In order to regain access to this inner wisdom, we need to go into silence. There is hardly anything more exciting in life than the journey to ourselves.

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