Here you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions, please contact us and we will be happy to answer them.

CDs with the words "" or "pure music" in the CD title are pure music CDs.
CDs without this label or with the label "guided meditation" contain guided relaxation exercises and are therefore discussed.

It depends on your personal intention. If you want to carry out certain guided exercises, then you should choose a CD that has been discussed. If only relaxation is required (or highly concentrated and inspired work with Bilateral Hemispheric Stimulation) then choose a pure music CD.

Yes, the neuro-sound effects we use, such as binaural beats, bilateral hemisphere stimulation, etc., only have an effect when listening with headphones or when the head is positioned exactly between the loudspeakers. If music is listened to from an external sound source, i.e. without headphones, the relaxing effect of the music is still present, but not that of the neuro-sound effects.

No, the effect of the neuro-sound effects is not affected by the quality of the headphones, but the sound and listening pleasure are.

Yes, when transcoding to MP3 format the neuro sound effects are largely retained,

We strongly advise against listening to our relaxation CDs while driving. Most CDs contain neuro-sound effects and are therefore extremely relaxing.

This depends on the underlying neuro sound effects. CDs with binaural beats are well suited for relaxation sessions or for falling asleep (Blue Mountain, Healing, Mental Tools, Power Nap, Huna Magic, Zero Point Adventure).
CDs with Bilateral Hemispheric Stimulation have proven to be very effective at work. These help to increase concentration and creativity (Powerful Emotions, Waves of Relief).

You are welcome to include our products in your range and distribute them further. If you would like to order larger quantities of CDs, please contact us to customize your conditions.

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