Focus & Relax

We are more efficient, more relaxed and happier when we are able to phases of concentration, we are calmer again.

neurotunes relaxing music promotes sleep and regeneration as well as calm concentration and creativity, thus providing balance.

In addition, neurotunes also offers a special music Ability to concentrate and increases mental performance. Ideal for highly concentrated work, for creative processes and easier learning.

Life means learning.

neurotunes focus & relax


In normal language, concentration means the gathering around a center. In psychology, concentration is defined as follows: Strong-willed focus of attention on a specific matter. Concentration is often regarded as the magic bullet for success. However, a correct interpretation of concentration is essential for this. Concentration is very often equated with willpower. However, the exact opposite is the case. Where willpower is used, it usually has the opposite effect. An example: You want to fall asleep at night, but with a particular effort of will you achieve the exact opposite. The more strength you apply to your will, the less you can fall asleep.

This clearly shows that exerting our will often achieves exactly what we don't want. You will only fall asleep when you let go of your will, i.e. when you relax. You can only fall asleep in a relaxed state. Concentration has a different meaning than just a collection of thoughts with willpower.

Mental and physical relaxation are prerequisites for proper concentration.
Concentration refers to the inner forces. It does not require an external and agonizing effort of will, but only a goal-oriented, balanced and unresisting mind. Bilateral hemispheric stimulation and Binaural beats support this mental and physical relaxation with music. Concentration is then very easy. A high level of mental performance is achieved, a wealth of ideas and intuition begin to flow automatically.