Meditation is a spiritual practice that has been practiced by many cultures for thousands of years to calm the mind and bring focus to thoughts. Since the 20th century, these "mental exercises" have also been increasingly practiced in the western world. Whether in yoga, competition preparation, autogenic training, walking meditation, fasting, trance dancing or meditative singing - people benefit from the many advantages and find peace of mind. More happiness, success, better relationships and health are the result.

According to Buddhism, regular meditative practice frees us from the root cause of all suffering. It is not what happens that causes negative emotions in us, but our misguided thoughts and the confusion of the mind often make us react as if on autopilot. Hard-wired thoughts and behavior patterns often lead to resentment, anger, greed, pride or jealousy. Meditation leads to more serenity, self-determination and a higher consciousness.

Those who learn to consciously master their thoughts and emotions find themselves in a free life. This is a life that is more and more independent of external events and circumstances.

Thinking and feeling come into harmony. We know more and more who we are and what our tasks are. This is the best prerequisite for making truly coherent decisions. Last but not least, we have the feeling that there is a reliable guide in whom we can trust.

The well-known saying "It is easier to rule a kingdom than to master yourself." shows all too clearly that this is no easy undertaking. But even the longest journey begins with the first step. Courage is at the beginning. Happiness at the end.

Neurotune music and guided meditations make it easy to enter this wonderful world. Relaxation exercises and meditation are also always part of our training courses. They facilitate sustainable learning.

"What you think, you are. What you are, you radiate. What you radiate, you attract." Buddha

Meditation Sonnenaufgang

Meditation works

There are a number of scientific Research programsin which the effect of meditation practiced over many years was investigated. People acquire and cultivate a range of skills through the regular practice of meditation. After just six to eight weeks of practicing meditation for just twenty minutes a day Studies a number of positive effects:
  • Reduction of anxiety
  • Reduced sensitivity to pain
  • Lower tendency to depression and anger
  • stronger immune system
  • Increased general well-being
  • emotional equilibrium
  • Greater attention
  • Increased altruism
  • Gratitude and humility
  • Successful relationships
  • Inner peace and happiness
  • more success
When one person dreams alone, it often remains just a dream. When many dream together, it can be the beginning of a new reality.
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